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Cyberoam Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware
Web, email and Instant Messaging security against malware

Cyberoam – a Sophos Company, secures organizations with its wide range of product offerings at the network gateway. For the latest Cyberoam products, please visit our Sophos's store

Prevent blended threats

Cyberoam Gateway Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware solution offers web, email and Instant Messaging security against malware, including viruses, worms, spyware, backdoors, Trojans and keyloggers.

Cyberoam’s Check Mark Level 5 certified gateway anti-virus is tightly integrated with IPS, Web Filtering and Anti-Spam, securing organizations against blended attacks and maintaining high levels of security.

Feature Feature Description Benefit
Broad Security Cover
  • Malware scan over incoming and outgoing traffic
  • Virus, worm, Trojan detection and removal
  • Spyware, malware, phishing protection
  • Scan and deliver by file size
  • Block by file types
  • Multiple protocol support: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, IM, P2P, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, VPN tunnels
  • Millions of signatures in database
  • Half-hourly signature updates
  • White lists and black lists for protection
  • Reduces window of vulnerability
  • Prevents misuse of the encrypted HTTPS / SSL traffic for malware propagation
  • Blocks attachments of executables, media files, password-protected attachments
Zero-Hour Protection
  • Virus Outbreak Detection (VOD) based on detection of outbreak pattern
  • Signature-less protection
  • Protects against early-hour vulnerability of massive virus outbreaks
  • Eliminates security gaps related to signature update delays
Layer 8 Identity-based Security
  • Identity-based on-appliance reporting
  • Differential policy creation based on user’s business need
  • Instant identification of source or destination of attack based on user identity, leading to high security
  • Minimizes accidental and intentional bypass by preventing harmful websites from appearing in search results
Self-Service Virus Quarantine
  • Quarantine of virus-infected emails through Cyberoam Anti-Spam
  • User right to check quarantine mails
  • Real-time Email Security
  • Prevents mail loss
  • Saves IT administrator time
  • Meets quarantine requirements of regulatory compliance
Centralized Security
  • Automated policy updates through CCC
  • Centralized logging and reporting with CCC and Cyberoam iView
  • High security for remote networks
  • Simplifies remote security management
  • Single, per-appliance subscription as opposed to per-user subscription
  • Comprehensive yet cost-effective security